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Challenging a Denied Workers’ Compensation Claim in North Carolina

What to do if Your Workers’ Compensation Claim was Denied

Most people don’t realize that when it comes to workers’ compensation, it’s not enough to prove you were hurt on the job. You have to show that you suffered an accidental injury — meaning that something unexpected or unusual happened at the time you were hurt — or a back injury caused by a specific traumatic event or that you suffer from an occupational disease.

It’s the accidental injury requirement that often causes the most trouble for injured workers. Sometimes people make the mistake of telling the insurance adjuster or the company doctor that nothing unusual was happening when the injury occurred. This can be a critical error. It may result in your workers’ comp claim being denied.

Don’t give a recorded statement to an insurance adjuster until you talk to an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer. The Ramsay Law Firm in Charlotte helps injured workers in North Carolina avoid costly mistakes. Contact us today for a free consultation.

If your workers’ compensation claim has been denied, you may feel like you are in this alone. It can be hard to find a lawyer who will take on a denied claim. These cases can be complicated and often require a lot of work to resolve.

From factory workers suffering back injuries to Carolina Panthers players hurt during a game, the Ramsay Law Firm has taken on denied claim cases on behalf of all kinds of clients. We know how frustrating it can be when you are hurt and no one seems to have answers.

Attorney Martha Ramsay has been fighting for injured workers and accident victims for more than 20 years. She has litigated denied workers’ compensation claims and won benefits in cases that other lawyers had turned down.

We can work to get you released to do a light duty job, if possible, so that you can earn some money to pay bills. We can seek an expedited hearing regarding your denied claim and will work aggressively to get witnesses and evidence in order quickly to support your case. We can explore the possibility that a third-party personal injury claim could provide additional compensation. We can also direct you to community resources for the support you may need in order to recover from your injury.

Contact Our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Today

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