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I was working at a hotel and was taking out trash when I fell, hurting my leg and hip. The workers’ comp. people stopped working with me so I found a Charlotte workers’ compensation attorney through the website AVVO. The level of inclusion that Ms. Ramsay gave me on every aspect was phenomenal! I was kept up-to-date on everything. The ease and speed was great! I’ve never experienced anything like the level of inclusion here. I knew every step of what was going to happen. No regret whatsover. Holly in Charlotte, 10/13/17

Board Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist

Thousands of workers across the United States are injured every day in workplace accidents. When people are hurt on the job, they don’t always know what steps they need to take to protect themselves. Being unable to work can be as difficult as the injury itself, because people take pride in their work and identify with it in some way. They also take pride in themselves and their ability to make a living and provide for their families. A workplace injury can take that source of pride away. Sometimes employees decide not to pursue a workers’ compensation claim fearing they may be demoted or lose their job. Or, they wait until after the deadline to file a workers’ compensation claim and miss-out on receiving necessary medical treatment and compensation (money) for permanent or partial disabilities brought on by workplace injuries. At the Ramsay Law Firm, PA, we take the time to teach our clients about their legal rights by guiding them through the entire workers’ compensation process.
Contact an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer at the Ramsay Law Firm, PA, if you have been hurt on the job to learn more about the legal choices available to you. The workers’ compensation system tends to favor employers, and our lawyers know how to level the playing field and get you the money you deserve. With over 20-years of legal experience, our attorneys know first-hand just how important your job is to you and your family. Allowing our legal experts to handle your workers’ compensation claim means one less worry as you heal from your injuries. We help you get back to work as soon as possible.

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