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The testimonials or endorsements listed below do not reflect all of the feedback the firm has received. Each case is unique and must be evaluated on its individual merits. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

“I was in a car crash and the adjusters were trying to use my pre-existing disorder against me.
I sought out Ramsay Law Firm for help. The communication was great between Brian and I. The communication with the entire office was great; very timely. Very helpful and friendly. I didn’t feel like I was dealing with a lawyer’s office!”

Shakira in Miami on January 17, 2019

“I had a sprained ankle and a co-worker fell on it, re-injuring it. I found Ms. Ramsay on Google. At first I was kinda settling just to get it over with but Ms. Ramsay pushed me and my confidence that she could get more. She was very professional and I respected her opinion. I was absolutely pleased and would definitely recommend her!”

Jannean in Cornelius on January 4, 2019

“I was on an employee bus and another car side-swiped us so I had both a workers’ comp and personal injury case. I work 80 hour work weeks and not having to worry about anything was nice. I had great service and can’t complain at all. I would come back.”

Heidi in Charlotte, December 5, 2018

“I was hurt when I fell and hit my head at work. Everything, from the beginning to the end, was great. Everyone was courteous and professional; very emphathic. The process was explained very well so I could understand. We were always kept informed.”

Sharon in Statesville, November 15, 2018

“I was training a new associate and had to switch chairs. The chair was pulled out and I missed it and fell. I believe I wouldn’t have won the case without Martha and her staff. Through the years, she has stood steadfast and fought for me. I was told “we would take care of you; why did you hire an attorney?” by the employer and if I hadn’t hired her, I wouldn’t have won. My wife and I would highly recommend Martha in all workers’ compensation cases to stand against big business.”

Katherine in Charlotte, October 15, 2018

“I fell at work and tore my hamstring. Two different friends–one in Maine and one in Minnesota–found Ms. Ramsay by online searching. I love how straight and to the point Ms. Ramsay is. She gets what she wants done. I was happy with how it ended. I would recommend her to anyone!”

Kathleen in Fort Mill, September 6, 2018

“I fell and hurt my foot at work. My company wasn’t giving me the proper case that I felt I needed, so I found Ms. Ramsay. I feel that Ms. Ramsay went the extra mile for me and Brenda kept me updated all the way. I would highly recommend them. Everything was great!”

Antonia in Hickory, August 14, 2018

“I was hurt when I fell off of a ladder that was not properly secured and I hurt my leg. I have no knowledge of the law and needed help. The personal contact and interaction stood out the most. Brian is an excellent communicator. He is able to answer questions on demand. My case manager, Brenda, was fantastic. Overall, the services felt very personal; not like a company and client.”

Patricio in Charlotte, August 1, 2018

“I was involved in a car crash. I was a previous client and I refuse to work with any other firm so I came straight here. I was pleased with everything. Brian Hunt staye3d in touch and kept me updated. My case manager, Cho, is wonderful. I will keep coming back!

Marty in Concord, July 31, 2018

“I was hurt at work when I tore my meniscus. My dad is a former client and so I came to Ms. Ramsay also. Everybody was amazing. Brenda always kept me updated. I really liked how everybody treated me. Brian worked his tail off. Martha is like a family friend and I highly recommend her. We keep her on speed dial for referrals!”

Sarah in Salisbury, July 25, 2018

“I was hurt at work when I tripped and hit a brick wall. Another attorney referred me to Ms. Ramsay. My case took over five years and she stayed with me every step of the way. I am very satisfied – she worked very diligently in getting things done for me. I was kept updated from day one. My case manager, Brenda, is exceptional. All I can say is Whoopi!! I will keep referring and come back, if necessary.

Nova in Charlotte, July 18, 2018

“I hurt my back while lifting bags of cement into a customer’s truck. I tried to handle my claim on my own and couldn’t so I needed a workers’ compensation attorney. My chiropractor at Albemarle Montgomery County Chiropractic Center refereed me to the Ramsay Law Firm. Martha always had my best interests and made me feel like I mattered–not just any other client. It didn’t feel like a business arrangement. My paralegal, Cho, always followed up with me, too. I was very lucky to have Martha as my attorney. I can honestly say that I could not have done this without them. I consider both of them great friends and wonderful people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Josh in Albemarle, June 20, 2018

“I had a workplace injury and didn’t know how to proceed. My union referred me to Ms. Ramsay. Everything was spelled out and clear; very easy. Ms. Ramsay was very patient, kind and informative.

Randy in Charlotte, May 17, 2018

“I was hurt in an accident while I was on the job so I had a workers’ comp and personal injury case. A friend of mind referred me to Ms. Ramsay. Brenda (paralegal) was amazing–all of my stress, frustration and depression–I would call and she got right back and helped; she kept me updated. Martha is strict, straight and to the point. My doctor even loves her! Brian fought for me (on the P.I. case) and got more money than I thought! I would definitely come back and refer to them!!

Kenneth in Charlotte , May 11, 2018

“I had a workers’ comp case when I tripped and fell and hurt my knee at work. I was referred to Ramsay Law Firm. I liked that they took their time – I did not feel rushed when I called. I didn’t think that I would get much and was very happy with what I did get. I wouldn’t change a thing–why change something that isn’t broke!!”

Santiago in Charlotte, April 30, 2018

“I was hurt in a car wreck. Cho and Brian Hunt were great! They have represented my family for a number of years and we love it here. I will keep coming back and referring to them.”

Amanda in Concord, April 25, 2018

“I was denied workers’ comp coverage for an injury at work when I had trauma to my arm. A coworker recommended Ms. Ramsay. Ms. Ramsay stuck with it and got me to doctors that I needed to see. I am happy with how it turned out. I was kept informed and up-to-date and was very pleased.”

Beverly in Richfield, April 24, 2018

“I am a truck driver and I was hooking up a set of trailers and hurt my back. I know that filing a workers’ compensation claim is something that I couldn’t do myself. I would definitely recommend Ms. Ramsay for anyone going through this.”

Mark in Lynchburg, April 18, 2018

“I was attached by a dog while I was on the job (in sales). Attorney Ramsay did a great job – very thorough and very confident in her work; very knowledgeable in her craft. She worked hard – to the best of her ability. She fought to get a settlement that was fair. She was very truthful with me and I respect that. Cho is excellent, as well.”

Willard in Huntersville, April 13, 2018

“I was hurt at work when I tripped and fell and hurt my wrist. I found Ms. Ramsay through a referral from a former client. My case manager was Brenda and she was great at returning my calls and finding our answers to my questions. Ms. Ramsay is very straight-to-the-point – gave it to me like it is, and I appreciate that.”

Michael in Concord, April 6, 2018

“My son and I were in a car accident where we were t-boned. I was referred to the Ramsay Law Firm by a previous client. I appreciated that I didn’t have to call to find out what was going on. I was kept up-to-date on a regular bases. I didn’t have to worry about what was going on. Mr. Hunt was very consistent.”

Renee’ in Charlotte, March 28, 2018

“I was hurt when I fell at work and an attorney referred me to Ramsay Law Firm. I was treated great! They gave me honest assessments. Everything was pretty punctual – if they said something was going to be done, it was or you let me know why. They kept it 100%. They have a nice atmosphere – I always felt at home.”

Timothy in Charlotte, March 26, 2018

“I was working and pulled some heavy flooring and felt a pop. I felt it would be in my best interests to get an attorney. I did a Google search and something about the Ramsay Law Firm stuck with me. The experience that I have had here was very pleasant, very professional, and very on point. My calls and emails were returned promptly and that makes a difference. I would definitely come back. Everybody from the receptionist up to Ms. Ramsay is very nice. I highly recommend this office and the staff.”

Michael in Charlotte, March 1, 2018

“I was in a car accident while on the job. I found Martha through an internet search. I was pleased overall, with the exception of losing my job. Martha helped me through everything; she spent so much time on the phone to guide me through it. Cho was a big help, as well. There was constant communication. There is a human factor here – you can always talk to someone.”

Jason in Fort Mill, SC, February 2018

“I was hurt on the job and I sought help from an attorney due to the extent of my injuries. I was referred by a friend that was a former client. I am pleased with the way everyone here handled my case – they were always on top of everything. Martha is really caring and understanding. I would refer her to anyone!”

April in Troutman, January 2018

“I was on a ladder at work and it slid and I fell on my shoulder and hurt it pretty bad. I knew they should have had better precautions and I needed help so I looked for an attorney. A co-worker recommended Ms. Ramsay. She is the most down-to-earth attorney that I have ever met. She is a straight-shooter. I am pleased with how everything went. She will listen to you and take time for you.”

Kevin in Newton, December 2017

“I am a truck driver and I was hit by another truck. Another driver recommended Ms. Ramsay. They are just all wonderful – they work great as a team. If they had a thousand stars review, I would give it to them. You can’t ask for a better law firm!”

James in Thomasville, NC, December 2017

“I am a CNA and I was hurt transferring a patient. My employer denied my case. I found Ms. Ramsay from another lawyer. I am very pleased. I wasn’t expecting anything – thought my employer would deny/fight everything. Brenda (my paralegal) was wonderful – always called to check on me and let me know how it was going. I highly recommend them!”

Lakeita in Biscoe, December 2017

“I was hurt in a car accident with my son. I have been a client of Martha’s since 2005 and immediately turned to her for help. Martha taught me a lot – especially patience. She takes cases personally. I like the small, hands-on attorney. Cho (my paralegal) was great, as well. I will keep coming back and referring to her.”

Kevin in Charlotte, November 2017

“I was working at a hotel and was taking out the trash and fell. The workers’ compensation people stopped working with me so I found an attorney. I found Martha Ramsay through AVVO. The level of inclusion that Martha gave me on every aspect was phenomenal. I was kept up to date on everything. The ease and speed was great. I’ve never experienced anything like the level of inclusion here. I knew every step of what was going to happen. No regrets whatsoever.”

Holly in Charlotte, November 2017

“I was hurt at work when I was hit in the head with a rod and I needed an attorney. My work was turning everything down and I knew I needed help. I was referred to Martha Ramsay. We love Martha! She is brilliant!! I recommend her to everyone. Just the caring we received – you are given a person (case manager) to talk to and it doesn’t matter what time you call, they call you right back. Martha was able to help me with my case and I am truly pleased.”

Pam in Charlotte, NC, November 2017

“I was in an auto accident that ran a red light & t-boned me. I needed an attorney and found Ms. Ramsay on line. Both Brian and Cho were very responsive at all times and very clear with how things were to go. It took awhile, but the pace helped me manage my medical care (possible surgery). Very pleased overall.”

Douglas in Mt. Holly, November 2017

“I was hurt on the job at school when I was attacked by a student. The school did not have a plan in place for something like this. I found Ms. Ramsay from a nurse that I knew. I loved that she stayed on top of things and talked to the workers’ compensation board. She’s a bulldog – she goes after what she needs to go after. I love her honesty. If I needed something – like transportation – she got it done. I would recommend her to anyone! Everyone there is great!!”

Clifford in Culpepper, June 2017

“I was hurt when I was knocked into a hole at work and hurt my head and back. I was referred to Martha by another attorney. I like Martha’s passion – she’s very good at what she does. My case was complicated and, as a result, it went as well as can be expected. I don’t know the law and I didn’t want to worry about it while I was recovering, which is why I hired Martha. I had no problems and was very satisfied.”

Jerold in Charlotte, July 2017

“I was hurt at work when a stone fell on my hand. I was already a client of Ms. Ramsay’s so I went back. She is very patient with us, very professional. I feel like I am part of a family. Brenda is very nice. If I have any other problems, I will always come back to them.”

Juan in Charlotte, June 2017

“I had a head injury on the job–hit a beam head first. The company fought my claim. I was referred to Ms. Ramsay by a friend and former client of Ms. Ramsay. Ms. Ramsay is more than willing to check up on you. She is a God-send–kept me informed about everything, even doctor’s reports. She was even concerned about my family!! She make it feel like you are part of the family – listening to my complaints. The only word I can think of for her firm is EXCELLENT!”

William in Gastonia, May 2017

“I was t-boned in a car accident and was referred to the Ramsay Law Firm. I loved the personal touches–get well cards, etc, from the whole office. The efficiency and honesty was appreciated, along with always being available to me. I am very happy with how it turned out. I picked the RIGHT firm. It’s so easy to pick the wrong firm and we picked the right one!”

Anna in Sherrills Ford, April 2017

“I was hit by a school bus and I wasn’t getting anywhere with the insurance company so I sought out an attorney on Thumbtack and found Martha and Brian. I appreciated the communication between myself and the office. My emails were answered promptly (once even on the weekend!). Brian Hunt was always friendly and cordial and my case was resolved successfully.”

Karen in Charlotte, March 2017

“I tripped at work as I was going into my office. I hurt my knees and shoulder. My company didn’t acknowledge my injury at all and they wouldn’t pay for any medical bills. Another attorney recommended Martha and it was a god-send. She has her clients’ interests as Number 1. It had messed up my retirement, along with everything else. I had fought for so long and I was literally exhausted. I came in with my file and she just said “your case is already won.” She was helpful in every way. She led us with her expertise to show us what needed to be done. Communication was great between me and the office. Everyone was very professional. Up until I met Martha, I was treated like I was trying to scam the system. She recognized that what was wrong with me was legitimate and proved it in a court of law. It literally gave us our life back. I don’t know what I would have done without her.”

Gloria in Kannapolis, March 2017

“I was hurt when I fell on the job. I was terminated after the accident. I was in denial and didn’t want to do anything to help myself. My nephew (a former client) recommended Ms. Ramsay. I thank God that he put them in my life to help me through this. He put my feet in the right place. They have become my family. Ms. Ramsay and her staff helped me every step of the way. Anything that I got stuck on, Ms. Ramsay or Brenda called me to go over it. I am extremely happy with them and would recommend them to anyone!”

Towanna in Charlotte, February 2017

“I fell at work and hit my head. My case was denied so I looked for an attorney and a close friend recommended Martha Ramsay. She got my case accepted. All of my questions were answered right away – no waiting – period. I was very pleased. Everything went a lot smoother than I expected.”

Cynthia in Gold Hill, January 2017

“I hurt my back at work and trying to keep up with all of the paperwork was over-whelming. I felt over my head – therapy for months, gas, etc. I searched for an attorney and found Ms. Ramsay and she had great reviews. She is amazing – the way she was so straight-forward just won me over. She fought for me all the way and did everything in her power for my case. I would recommend her all the way.”

Michelle in Charlotte, January 2017

“I had used Ms. Ramsay two different times when I was hurt on the job so when I was in an accident, I gave her a call. I was satisfied with the services she provided. Staff is friendly, efficient and professional. Feels like things have only improved over the years!”

Jerry, Charlotte, January 2017

“I’ve known and trusted Ms. Ramsay for years so when I was hurt on the job, I called her. They went above and beyond in taking care of me and my family, getting them involved. They’ve been there from day one.”

Timothy, Concord, January 2017

“I was hit on the side of the road while I was changing a tire while on the job as an industrial contractor. They tried to deny my claim. Ms. Ramsay fought it and was able to get it accepted. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. She stood to her word on everything she said she would do.”

Kenneth in Charlotte, December 2016

“I was hurt at work and my husband found and recommended Ms. Ramsay as the best attorney to handle the case. I was pleased by how Ms. Ramsay approached CMS. She was excellent at taking charge and getting the job completed. She’s awesome! The Ramsay Law Firm knows their business. They get straight to the point. Other law firms should follow her lead.”

Dorine in Charlotte, December 2016

“I sought help from the Ramsay Law Firm because I was hurt on the job and my workers’ comp case was denied. Ms. Ramsay is really knowledgeable and made some good suggestions. My surgery was denied but she was instrumental in getting it approved and then got my workers’ comp benefits started. Overall, everything went well with the process. I would recommend her without a doubt.”

Charles in Charlotte, November 2016

“I was hurt on the job transferring a patient to a chair. I hurt my back. I found Ms. Ramsay through a friend. It was a challenge because my company fought my case. Ms. Ramsay was able to hang in there and get results. It took awhile but we settled the case.”

Sherline in Huntersville, October 2016

“I was hurt while on the job. Everything went as good as could be expected, considering I waited so long to submit my case because I just thought it would get better on it’s own, but it got worse. I decided that I needed an attorney.”

Perry in Mooresville, October 2016

“I was hurt on my surveying job while hammering stakes in the ground. I found Martha Ramsay on line. She was very accommodating about allowing people to come with me and attentive to my emotional needs. She is very professional and was patient with follow-up questions.”

Robert in Lancaster, September 2016

“I was hurt at work when I fell off my truck while on the job. A friend and former client of hers recommended Ms. Ramsay. There was constant communication, and I always felt at ease. Ms. Ramsay or my paralegal always explained what was going on and I was never pressured into anything. She explained both sides and did what I wanted.”

Dennis in Nebo, September 2016

“I had gotten injured at work. I hurt my knee, back and hand when I slipped on a spill at work. I called around looking for an attorney and found Ms. Ramsay. I was very pleased with the communication. She made herself available for me to talk to her; if the paralegal couldn’t answer my questions, they didn’t hesitate to set up an appointment with Ms. Ramsay. Paralegal Brenda was always quick to email me back. I rally liked the fact that they were able to accommodate my needs based on what I was going through at the time. Would definitely use again!”

Maretta in Charlotte, August 2016

“NCM didn’t believe the insurance carrier was handling my case appropriately. When my job released me, I sought an attorney for help and I was referred to Martha. Everyone was very responsive when I had a question; very accommodating, professional and sincere. It streamlined pretty well. People would pick up the ball if someone was out and I didn’t have to wait.”

Regina in Cornelius, August 2016

“I was in a car accident. I was a prior client and came back because of the service that I received. What I liked the best was my interaction with the paralegal. She was very prompt and efficient and really cared about my case. Would use them again and recommend to anyone.”

Talia in Charlotte, August 2016

“I was hurt in a car wreck. I didn’t have collision and my insurance company and the person at fault’s insurance company were giving me the run-around. Once the insurance company wanted a recorded statement, I knew I needed a lawyer. I was happy that they got the insurance company to ACCEPT the claim and got me money to repair the car. My paralegal, Brenda, did a good job keeping in touch with me.”

Julia in Huntersville, August 2016

“We were rear-ended in a car accident. I knew Ms. Ramsay socially so I already had trust and I gave her a call. My case was handled professionally, delicately and with care for our specific needs based on our case. I was impressed with their honesty. Using their vast experience, they were able to guide us in the direction best suited to our needs. Brian Hunt was our voice when we didn’t know what to say and the fact that he recognized what to say – I loved that. He respected my emotional space during the mediation process. I can’t say enough positive things about Martha Ramsay and Brian Hunt.”

Dayla in Walnut Cove, July 2016

<“I woke up after two days in the hospital. I was hurt in a car wreck while I was on the job so I had a Workers’ Comp and a Personal Injury case. Martha was phenomenal – very supportive and knowledgeable. If I hadn’t had her, I believe my offer would have been really low. She shot high and stuck to her guns and was able to get more than they offered. She stood by my side through it all. She knew when to quit pushing or keep pushing.”

Anthony in Kings Mountain, May 2016

“I had an auto accident and found the firm online. Brenda & Brian Hunt (paralegal & attorney) were quick in response to any inquiry that I had with good details. I didn’t feel like they forgot about me. Everything was explained up front. Happy with results.”

Jennifer in Kannapolis, June 2016

“I was involved in a motor vehicle crash while on the job. I had used Martha on a previous case and I turned to her again. I got the pitbull to go after the fight. Martha’s a good lawyer– I love her to death. You can be upfront with her and she’s upfront with me. She doesn’t sugarcoat it and that’s what I like.”

Chris in Winston Salem, June 2016

I was denied a workers’ compensation claim after I hurt my hand on the job. I was referred to Ms. Ramsay. I was kept updated on the case and she was able to win the case. I would definitely use her again.”

Sandi in Mt. Holly, June 2016

“My husband and I were referred to Ms. Ramsay by a previous client after we were in a bad accident. Then, a few months later, my husband died in a motorcycle crash and I needed them even more. Ms. Ramsay and Brenda (paralegal) were just great. Brenda was instrumental in helping me to get things done. It wasn’t like it was just a job – I truly felt she cared. She was very soothing in her communications. Right after the accident, Ms. Ramsay & Mr. Hunt came out to my house and visited, just to see how I was doing. Ms. Ramsay sent me some books that were very helpful in dealing with my loss. I liked them so much I have lent them out numerous times. Ms. Ramsay just gives that personal touch. Everyone has been exceptional. I would refer ANYONE to her.”

Bonnie in Rockwell, May 2016

“I was hurt on the job and they denied my worker’s compensation. Ms. Ramsay and Brenda (paralegal) were great – they answered all of my questions and did everything they could do to make it easy on me and my family. Satisfied from beginning to end. It was A-Okay!!”

Tony in Charlotte, April 2016

“I came to Ramsay Law Firm after I fell at work. I was hurt; I tried to keep working but it kept getting worse. My brother told me that if I was going to be missing work, I needed to consult an attorney. I felt lost. I had worked for 33 years and didn’t know what to do. I found an ad for the Ramsay Law Firm and gave them a call. From that first phone call on, I felt like I had all the answers. No matter who you talk to, you get an answer or called back right away. Communication is great there. I felt so comfortable. One thing that impressed me the most here is that Martha sincerely cares. It’s not just about the money. She made sure I was treating; she took the time to call me and she really listened to how I was doing. She answered every question, no matter what, especially during mediation. She makes you feel like you have known her all your life. She is very smart – if she is on your side, you know you’re going to be okay. I would recommend her to ANYBODY.”

James in Mooresville, April 2016

“I sought legal services from Martha Ramsay for an injury I received on the field. I’m a direct person and I appreciated her directness and going to bat for me. She is not a sugar-coater and I liked that. Her paralegal, Cho, was great and kept in constant contact”.

Hilee in Charlotte, April 2016

“I was referred to Ramsay Law Firm from one of my sales clients, who was a previous client of Ramsay Law. I had a work injury I needed help with. After talking with Ms. Ramsay, I had complete confidence that she was going to look after me. I was always pleasantly surprised that the receptionist knew my name and my case manager, Cho, was great at getting back to me with answers and was always concerned with my well-being. They treated me like family.”

Jimmy in Charlotte, April 2014

“I sought help from the Ramsay Law Firm after an injury at work. I was pleased by the professionalism, knowledge of laws regarding my issues, and the total handling of all matters.”

Curtis in Matthews, September 2013

“I injured my shoulder at work; the injury required surgery and intensive physical therapy.  I had to have a second surgery 6 months later and was scared I would not be able to do my job again due to the physical aspects of it.  The entire staff of the Ramsay Law Firm was amazing with communication and being honest with all input and recommendations.  Martha is great when it comes to pushing and fighting to get you what is fair.”

Kathy in Hickory, August 2013

“I sought legal services from the Ramsay Law Firm at the recommendation of another attorney. I was pleased by the professionalism and personal involvement of the entire staff. I would not have been able to achieve the results of medical care with Ramsay Law Firm.”

Roger in Matthews, April 2013

“The Ramsay Law Firm by suggested by my physician, and I felt like the other law firms–even those that were much closer–were impersonal.  I was pleased with how each one listened and responded to calls, etc., very well.  They worked hard for my case.”

Scott in Kings Mountain, April 2013

“My lawyer, Ms. Ramsay, was awesome! She really guided me through the workers’ comp process. Ms. Ramsay and her staff were very professional, organized and dedicated to my case.”

Kim in Shelby, February 2013

“The company that I had been working for did not back their promise to cover my medical bills from my accident that occurred while on the job.  Your word is the most important thing a company or person has.  Martha Ramsay is a true professional.  She is calm, clear and concise with all that she says and does.  She has fantastic listening skills and has put together a first class team.”

Shelley in Cornelius, January 2013

“Martha Ramsay will defend you, keep you informed, and is always available to answer any questions you might have. Very knowledgeable and respectful. She handled my claim.”

Lamont in Iron Station, November 2012

“A friend told me about Ramsay Law Firm and that she had gone to another place and left and then she came here and was very pleased and now I’m very pleased. Ms. Ramsay asked questions; I asked questions, and together we had the answers to all of the questions. Ms. Ramsay will talk to the best people and win.”

Ella in Shelby, September 2012

“I had gotten into a car accident which resulted in my car being totaled and left me with a significant amount of medical bills. Ramsay Law Firm really worked with me. Even when, at times, I was close to impossible to contact, they always found a way to contact me and would always advise me of the bet possible resolutions for my case. My case was worked on for three years and not once did Ramsay Law Firm give up on me. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my case and received more than I had hoped for. Ramsay Law Firm goes above and beyond.”

Kristana in Hickory, April 2012

“I sought legal services from the Ramsay Law Firm because of a Workers’ Compensation injury. I was very pleased by the way the staff at the Ramsay Law Firm followed up with me and the amount of time they put into my case. Nothing can replace what you lose as a part of your body, but knowing that you have someone to fight for you helps.”

Ken in Mooresville, March 2012

“I was involved in a significant auto accident that was not my fault. The adjuster for the person who hit me said they would not cover the accident because their client was breaking the law when he hit me. I was impressed by Martha’s knowledge of the entire process, including any trial complications and realistic expectations on compensation.”

Darren in Mooresville, February 2012

“I needed a lawyer from North Carolina to represent my children and me. Even though we live in a different state, she did her best to represent us. Ms. Ramsay and her staff communicated with me very well and informed me through every step of the process, while always looking for the best outcome for my children. I was very pleased with the law firm’s hard work and determination.”

Yuly in Roanoke, January 2012

“I sought legal services from the Ramsay Law Firm because I injured myself at work in which my right hand was amputated. Everything was done very efficiently. All of my questions were answered and my case was handled well. Ms. Ramsay was very approachable and friendly.”

Cirilo in Hickory, July 2012

“I came here for a worker’s compensation case by recommendation of a friend, who referred to Ms. Martha Ramsay as “ a warrior for the workers”. Everything was excellent! The ladies were very friendly, reliable and straight-forward.”

Sara in Charlotte, July 2012

“I was pleased by the concern that the Ramsay Law Firm had for my well-being, and the time and energy that they put into my case. They even send birthday and holiday cards (very nice and personal). They even provided information about differences in case law. Everything worked out to plan.”

Shariff in Charlotte, July 2012

“I had hurt my hand on the job. They tried everything not to help me get medical attention and a guy in a restaurant gave me Ms. Ramsay’s number. The staff of the Ramsay Law Firm made me feel very comfortable and reassured me that they would take care of my case. They were very honest and sincere about my case.”

— Keith in Wingate, December 2011

“I was injured on the job and couldn’t get anyone in Workers’ Comp to help me. The contact and communication Ms. Ramsay and her firm gave me as well as all the help they did got me results.”

— Rhonda in New London, December 2011

“I had been in a car accident and one of my brothers also involved had received settlement already. I was afraid that the insurance policy wasn’t going to award me what I expected, so I looked for legal help. I was very pleased by the friendliness of the staff at the Ramsay Law Firm. Donna was very timely on her responses and if she didn’t know the answer, she dug till she found it. They worked hard on my case and I know they could have had a million things on their plates but took the time to help me.”

— Estela in Huntersville, January 2012

“I sought legal services from the Ramsay Law Firm because I slipped and hit my head in the workplace. I was pleased by the caring spirit and professionalism of the firm, and they way they took time out for me when I wasn’t scheduled. Overall, they treated me like family.”

— Vanessa in Charlotte, December 2011

“After 8 months of being on my own, I did not want to use an attorney on TV. I found Martha, a solo woman attorney. I feel women are more astute to feelings, more observant. Martha has been all that – personable, humorous & professional. She knows the legal system as it is today. I can’t say enough about her. She stayed on top of my condition. Her follow-through was awesome and her staff was excellent. Martha knows when you are at a breaking point and lifts you back up.”

Mary Ellen in Charlotte, November 2011

“I was recommended to Ms. Ramsay by my agent as one of the best Worker’s Compensation attorneys for athletes in North Carolina. I was pleased by the professionalism in which she handled my claim, and the level of comfort I received during the entire claims process through to mediation. I felt that she had my best interests at heart and she was going to fight for me.”

Tutankhamen, Former Carolina Panther’s Player, June 2011

“I was dissatisfied with another law firm and was referred to Ms. Ramsay by another attorney. I was so please with everything the Ramsay Law Firm did! Everyone was very personable and friendly. Ms. Ramsay fought for me. She didn’t   give up and she explained the process as we went.”

– Louis in Waxhaw, June 2011

“I went with the Ramsay Law Firm because Ms. Ramsay was concerned about me and my problem. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t know what I would have done. She helped me a whole lot, and still does. The firm kept in touch with me about my case and checked to make sure that I was doing okay.”

Pamela in Kannapolis, June 2011

“I sought legal services from the Ramsay Law Firm because I could not deal with my company after my accident. Ms. Ramsay was very compassionate and understanding to what I was going through, even when I couldn’t quite articulate it. She treats you like family and Ms. Ramsay and her staff are very consistent with the operations and being able to help with anything that comes up. Please DON’T change a thing!”

Margaret in Charlotte, June 2011

“Martha Ramsay was highly recommended for Workmen’s Comp from other law firms and I am so glad they referred her to me. She stood her ground and stayed with me 100% of the way doing everything in her power to make sure the case was in my favor. She did her job to the best of her abilities and I thank her very much for the support.”

Debra in Dallas, June 2011

“I went to the Ramsay Law Firm because my long-time friend of 36 years told me Martha Ramsay handled a case for her and she was pleased with the outcome. Ms. Ramsay made it easier to settle my case personal injury and Worker’s Comp case. The company that I worked for made me feel little and Ms. Ramsay made me stand to their eye lever. Thanks Ramsay Law Firm.”

Tessa in Charlotte, June 2011

“I had heard all good things and the Ramsay Law Firm so they were my first choice for an attorney. My case was settled to totally unexpected results. I had no idea that what I received was possible. It exceeded my expectations!.”

Kristen in Kannapolis, March 2011

“I was in need of help and wanted someone who I felt like my well-being was her first priority. Ms. Ramsay always answered my questions in a timely manner and her staff always got back with me when I needed something. I wish that there were more lawyers in my area like Ms. Ramsay!.”
Kevin in Charlotte, March 2011

“I checked with several attorneys and was referred to the Ramsay Law Firm. When I came, Ms. Ramsay explained to me exactly what my options were and that made me feel very comfortable, so I chose Ramsay Law Firm. All I wanted was payment for medicals and Ms. Ramsay did so much more. I was so shocked at the difference in Ms. Ramsay’s approach than other attorneys. I was very impressed with the contact from my case manager and the attitude form every staff member. I will definitely recommend ANYONE in the future.”

Jorge in Charlotte, March 2011

“Ms. Ramsay helped procure a settlement for us that enabled us to pay off all of our credit cards, vehicles (including a work truck for our business), allowed us to go on our first cruise, paid for the necessary needs to upgrade the house in order to sell it and made it possible for us to buy a new home! Could not be happier!!.”

Gerald in Charlotte, March 2011

“I sought legal services from the Ramsay Law Firm because I was denied worker compensation because of an injury to my back. I was pleased by the courteous, promptness and sincere concern in helping me with the my case, not only in terms of law, but also with help finding competent health care.”

Richard in Mooresville, February 2011

“I sought legal services from the Ramsay Law Firm because the company that I work for told me my problem was not work related. After Martha Ramsay explained Workman’s Comp law to me, I hired Ramsay Law Firm to represent me. I was pleased that the Ramsay Law Firm kept me informed every step of the way, sent me copies of all the correspondence, answered all of my questions and returned all of my calls. Ms. Ramsay also advised me which outcome was better for me. I would definitely recommend Ramsay Law Firm.”

Richard in Midland, February 2011

“I was referred by a co-worker to the Ramsay Law Firm. I was pleased by the courteous and overall experience of the employees; no problems with communication and Ms. Ramsay and Kathy Jackson (my paralegal) were very informative. My experience was good!”

Karen in Rock Hill, February 2011

“I was in a car accident and someone told me that Ms. Ramsay was the best at getting you what you deserved. Ms. Ramsay and staff were very accommodating and sincere with my situation and made me feel like everything was going to be fine. Ms. Ramsay is a very nice and hard-working woman and her staff has the same heart as she does. Keep up the good work!”

Krystal in Charlotte, February 2011

“I sought legal services from the Ramsay Law Firm because I was denied a Worker’s Compensation claim for an injury to my left wrist while doing industrial work. All of the staff was welcoming and helpful. Martha never let me give up; she kept on working on this even when it didn’t look hopeful to me and a settlement was made!”

Kimberly in Rock Hill, February 2011

“A co-worker recommended me to the Ramsay Law Firm for my Worker’s Compensation case. I received prompt responses regarding my issues and to my phone calls. I always felt that no question was too foolish to ask and was treated with respect and dignity. The staff is very professional and nice and the service was great.”

Lynn in Indian Trail, February 2011

“I sought legal services from the Ramsay Law Firm because I as injured on my job. My employer was giving me a hard time and I was in a lot of pain and could not work. If it hadn’t been for Ms. Ramsay and her team, I don’t know what I would have done. They have fought for me every inch of the way, from Worker’s Comp to the doctors. I thank each and every one of them. Thanks for everything!”

Renee in Gastonia, December 2010

“I was referred to the Ramsay Law Firm by a friend after my accident. I was very pleased with the follow-up and respect shown by all the personnel. Everybody seems like friends and family rather than attorney & client”
Joyce in Charlotte, December 2010

“I was injured on the job and was denied my injury, which is why I sought legal services from Ramsay Law Firm. I was pleased by the very professional, reliable response to all my questions and concerns. The firm becomes your family in the way they care about your needs and the way they help you. Martha, you and your staff were GREAT!”

Sandra in Rock Hill, September 2010

“I was given service second to none and I wouldn’t change a thing. They got the job done.”

Tim in Gastonia, September 2010

“Thank you again for representing me in my Workman’s Comp. case. Everyone I spoke to in your office was polite, professional and friendly. It was a pleasure working with you.”

Lorraine in Babylon, NY, April 2010

“I sought legal services from Ramsay Law Firm because they came highly recommended to me. I needed a layer to help me with my workman’s comp. case and I felt they acted professionally. I liked the respectful way I was treated, everything was explained to me clearly and they always returned my phone calls. I felt like they really wanted the best for me. It was a LONG ordeal but it ended okay and I’m very glad I chose Ramsay Law Firm to represent me.”

Kathryn in Chesterfield, April 2010

“Martha and her staff stayed on top of issues; feedback was great and advice as well. I feel all was handled well. I will continue to refer you.”

Randy in Denver, March, 2010

“It seemed like when the chips were down and I was giving up hope, Martha kept me going. She got me a settlement that I am more than happy and satisfied with.”

Eric in Woodleaf, September, 2009

I needed a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

"I hurt my back while lifting bags of cement into a customer's truck. I tried to handle my claim on my own and couldn't so I needed a workers' compensation attorney. My chiropractor at Albemarle Montgomery County Chiropractic Center referred me to the Ramsay Law Firm....

“I was denied workers’ comp coverage”

"I was denied workers' comp coverage for an injury at work when I hurt my arm. A coworker recommended the Ramsay Law Firm. Ms. Ramsay stuck with it and got me to doctors that I needed to see. I am happy with how it turned out. I was kept informed and up-to-date. I...

“I hurt my back at work and needed an workers’ comp attorney”

"I was hooking up a set of trailers and hurt my back at work. I needed to file a workers' compensation claim and I know it's something that I couldn't do myself. I would definitely recommend Ms. Ramsay for anyone going thru this!" Mark in Lynchburg, April 18, 2018.