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First of all….CONGRATULATIONS!!  You should receive a copy of the job description that has been approved by your physician along with the letter offering you a job.  Review and keep this job description with you as you return to work, as well as any written physical restrictions from your doctor.  While at work, make sure that you are only performing duties within your restrictions to avoid additional injury.

Stay in contact with your physician and notify them of any changes in your symptoms right away.  If you have an increase or change in symptoms but do not feel that you require medical attention, phone your doctor’s office and leave a message to advise of the activity that brought on the increase and the type of symptoms you are noticing.  This will make its way into your chart and can be reviewed by your doctor to see a progression of symptoms if one should occur after you return to work, providing a basis for further restrictions on activity or job modifications.

Keep track of your pay stubs.  If you are earning less in the transitional job,  you may be entitled to compensation for your reduction in pay.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Ramsay Law Firm, P.A., at any time.

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