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An important decision for teachers in NC!   The Supreme Court confirmed that  yet another law passed by the Republican legislature violates the NC Constitution.   

 The decision by the Supreme Court says that the State cannot violate its contracts.  NCAE v. State, (228A15)  For years, the State promised the teachers’ enhanced job protection as part of their contract and by requiring the teachers to meet several other standards to get the protection.  Then the Republicans passed a law in 2013 to revoke the State’s promise.  The Supreme Court said the law was illegal/ unconstitutional.  The Court required the State has to keep their word and honor the terms of the contract. 

The teachers had to pay attorneys to fight the law all the way up to Supreme Court AND the taxpayers had to pay the State Attorneys to defend the law.   Other teachers gave up and left the NC systems while the law was disputed.  The legislature was warned that it was unlikely that the law was not proper- but they passed it anyway.  



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