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I tripped at work as I was going into my office.  I hurt my knees and shoulder.  My company didn’t acknowledge my injury at all and they wouldn’t pay for any medical bills.  Another attorney recommended Martha and it was a god-send.  She has her clients’ interests as Number 1.  It had messed up my retirement, along with everything else.  I had fought for so long  and I was literally exhausted.  I came in with my file and she just said “your case is already won.”  She was helpful in every way.  She led us with her expertise to show us what needed to be done.  Communication was great between me and the office.  Everyone was very professional.  Up until I met Martha, I was treated like I was trying to scam the system.  She recognized that what was wrong with me was legitimate and proved it in a court of law.  It literally gave us our life back.  I don’t know what I would have done without her.  Gloria, Kannapolis, 3/28/17

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