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Your Friday Thought For The Day:
Did you know that according to Wikipedia, “Chimneysweep Carcinoma” is the first occupational disease ever documented? The HumanResourcesmba.net, details Chimney Sweep’s Carcinoma “also known as Soot wart, is a form of skin cancer affecting the scrotum. Its name derives from the fact that it was first noted occurring among chimney sweeps – young men in their late teens and early twenties who had worked with soot for most of their lives. The disease was first identified in 1775 by Sir Percivall Pott, an English surgeon, and one of the first scientists to theorize on the link between cancers and environmental hazards. The disease into which Pott researched proved fatal if it was not treated. Left unchecked, the warts developed into a scrotal cancer that would make the testicles balloon in size before invading the abdomen with deadly effect. The only treatment available to medics at the time was surgery – cutting out the diseased flesh – a terrifying prospect for the young sweeps. The true cause of the disease was not proven until 1922, when carcinogens were discovered in soot.”
An interesting fact for your snowy Friday!  Enjoy your day and drive safely!
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