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     Many injured workers hope to get their workers’ comp settlement paid in one lump sum.  However, there is no law to force the Insurance Company to pay a lump sum for disability and future medicals.  The Industrial Commission allows insurance companies to make payments over time, just as if you were collecting a regular paycheck following your normal work routine. 

     Further, workers are typically only paid 67% of their average weekly earnings and this payment schedule doesn’t begin until the worker has missed seven days of work.  If a worker missed more than 21 days of work, then compensation for the first seven days of missed work is paid to the injured worker.   Payments usually continue until one of four things happens:

* You return to work;

* The doctor treating you says you are healthy enough to return to work without any physical restrictions;

* You settle your case;

* The Industrial Commission gives the insurance company permission to terminate your benefits because you have:

– refused suitable work;

– been working and earning money;

– been caught doing something you should not have been doing with an injury,  such as water skiing.

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